Introduction to Forex

Forex stands for ‘Foreign Exchange’. It is simply the trading of one currency against another.

When producers in one country sell their product, they demand the price in their local currency. This prompts the buyers to exchange their own currency with the currency of the producer. The price on which the transaction is made is called the Exchange Rate. Governments, Central Banks, Financial institutions,

Corporates and Individuals all trade currencies in one way or another, as part of their day-to-day life. The Forex market is, by far, the largest of all financial instruments by size and volume of trade. However, trading Forex is not only used to purchase goods and services, individuals also trade to preserve their wealth by converting it to a more stable currency, or simply to speculate on the performance of currencies against each other to make financial gains.

Start trading Forex in minutes on your mobile or desktop.

Why Trade FOREX with 4T?



4T offers spot currency trading in the form of CFDs, which allows you to instantly participate in the market with the ease of a click. You have access to many indicator tools and order types to help you manage your position in real-time.



Opening an account with 4T is made simple, there are a few steps to complete online and a couple of documents to verify your identity and place of residence. Once complete, you will receive credentials to access 4T trading platform from your mobile or desktop.



4T clients can benefit from leverage on a wide range of FX instruments to maximise their trading opportunity. Clients can enter buy or sell positions giving them the flexibility to profit from rising and falling markets.



Trading FX instruments with 4T gives our clients the convenience to immediately shift their funds to trade all types of financial instruments such as Crypto, Precious Metals, Equities and more under one platform.

Manage your
gains and losses.

4T allows you to use in-built risk management tools to automatically collect your profits or limit your losses with dynamic order types. Clients can take comfort in their positions without constantly monitoring the markets.


EURUSD Euro vs Dollar 100,000 0.0001 10 USD 1:300 Sunday 21:00 Friday 20:55
GBPUSD British Pound vs Dollar 100,000 0.0001 10 USD 1:300 Sunday 21:00 Friday 20:55
NZDUSD New Zealand vs Dollar 100,000 0.0001 10 USD 1:300 Sunday 21:00 Friday 20:55
AUDUSD Australian vs Dollar 100,000 0.0001 10 USD 1:300 Sunday 21:00 Friday 20:55
USDJPY Dollar vs Yen 100,000 0.01 1000 JPY 1:300 Sunday 21:00 Friday 20:55
USDCAD Dollar vs Canadian 100,000 0.0001 10 CAD 1:300 Sunday 21:00 Friday 20:55
USDCHF Dollar vs Swiss Franc 100,000 0.0001 10 CHF 1:300 Sunday 21:00 Friday 20:55

Start trading Forex in minutes on your mobile or desktop.


  • To fund your account, login into your client portal. Navigate to “Transfers” -> “Fund Account” -> “From Account”. Choose your method of funding, then choose “To Account” to pick between your landing and your trading account. Insert the amount you wish to transfer and then select under “Broker Receiving Account” the source you wish to transfer to.
  • From your dashboard, click on “Fund Account” and follow the same process.

Minimum amount to deposit is $100.

There are no fees by 4T for incoming and outgoing transfers, however all money transfers are subject to a certain fee by the receiving and sending banks.

You can have up to 1:500 leverage on your account depending on your risk appetite.

  • For MT4 on desktop terminal: In the Market Watch, right click on any symbol then press “show all “.
  • For MT4 on Android and iOS, click on the cursor(plus) button in your “Quotes” page and add the instruments you would like to trade.