Transparency and Reliability

We’re clear and transparent about the fees of trading with us – and we’re confident that our pricing is competitive. While most of our services come free of charge, here’s a full breakdown of trading costs.

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Commission-free trading

Opening an account with 4T is free, and there are no fees for the following:

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Real-time price quotes
  • Opening and closing trades
  • Educational material & market analysis

So how does 4T make money?

Our main source of revenue comes from the market spread. In effect, you pay a little more for the buy price, and receive a little less for the sell price. This is how we – and most brokers – compensate ourselves for the service we provide.
Every market has two prices: the buy and the sell price, so the spread is the difference between the two. The smaller (tighter) the spread, the easier it is to make a profit when the market moves in your favour.
The spread is always built-in to our prices and you’ll never be charged on top of this. Spreads vary across different instruments, so the best way to check the spread for your chosen instrument is to look at the live spread information within the trading platform.

Positions held overnight

When you hold a position overnight, you either pay or receive an overnight fee (also known as a rollover or financing charge). These fees fluctuate daily and are different for long and short positions.
Overnight fees are only applied to positions that are still open at market close.
An overnight fee is calculated using a swap rate. The swap adjustment is simply the accounting of the cost-of-carry on a day-to-day basis (we do not charge rollover on intraday trades).
The swap rate is measured by the difference in interest rates between the two currencies. We source the swap rate from major financial institutions which base it on a variety of factors such as inflation and key technical indicators.
The overnight fee rates are calculated as follows:

  • Long positions – you are credited/debited by –1 x the trade size x swap points in the unit quote currency
  • Short positions – you are debited/credited by the trade size x swap points in the unit quote currency

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